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ComForCare Franchise in Canada

As the second largest country in the world and one of the wealthiest, Canada offers ComForCare franchisees a diversity of opportunity not readily available in other locations. Officially recognized as bilingual and boasting plenty of ethnic diversity and culture, Canada is a great place to make a life no matter where franchisees originally called home. Canada is well known for its sports, music, visual arts, and gorgeous scenery that make it a beautiful place to call home for both seniors in need of care and home care franchisees.

Water Lovers Paradise

Boasting about 60 percent of the world’s lakes, Canada is a great place for those that love the water or have always wished to live on a lake. Canada contains most of the Earth’s fresh water sources, with fresh water glaciers in the Canadian Rockies and the Coast Mountains providing high quality drinking water to residents. Boating and fishing are both great day-off activities for home care franchisees and lovely outing activity ideas for caregivers and seniors.

Some of our current Home Care Franchise opportunities in Canada include:

Population and Growth Opportunities

Canada has one of the highest per capita immigration rates, with immigrants coming from all over the world to settle down. Due to the fast population growth and the high life expectancy of Canadians, the percentage of the population that is over the age of 65 has been steadily growing and is expected to continue to do so at an ever faster pace. This gives home care franchisees the opportunity to start on the ground floor in and industry and location in which the demand is expected to rise dramatically and continually.

Canadian Economy

Canada is the most educated country in the world, with a literacy rate of about 99 percent. This education forms the foundation for Canada to be a trading world power and a global presence, with the world’s 11th largest economy. Canadians also enjoy a high level of economic freedom, allowing them to live as comfortably as desired.

Healthcare Advantage

Canada living is attractive to many seniors because of the country’s publicly funded healthcare. This healthcare advantage allows seniors to invest in services that can help to raise their quality of living, such as home care services, as most basic medical needs are taken care of without the need for private funding. ComForCare franchisees that relocate to Canada can also enjoy the financial freedom that comes with publicly funded healthcare. Franchisees are free to focus more on promoting activities and services that will improve clients’ quality of life and well being, rather than health.