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ComForCare Franchise in the UK

Known for being a world destination due to its wealth of culture and beautiful scenery, the United Kingdom offers ComForCare franchisees a perfect setting for beginning a new franchise location. Whether franchisees already live in the United Kingdom or need to relocate, the United Kingdom offers franchisees a great place to live while providing a needed service to seniors living in the Kingdom.

A Growing Need for Elder Care

Over the last one hundred years, the portion of the United Kingdom’s population that is age 65 or older has more than tripled. By 2060 it is expected that about 26.44 percent of the population, or over 16 million people, will be over the age of 65. This great surge in growth of the senior population creates a growing need for elder care. Home care is a solution that is preferable for seniors, as they can stay in the homes that they have come to love and still enjoy all that the United Kingdom has to offer, while receiving the care they need.

From the gorgeous rolling hills of Scotland and Northern Ireland to the architecture and style of England, the United Kingdom has something for everyone. Education, entertainment, historical landmarks, and natural beauty are all abundant in the United Kingdom. Visiting the castles of Scotland, frequenting the shops of London, or zip lining across Wales are all amazing experiences that can be enjoyed without going too far when living in the U.K. Festivals, events, museums, theatres, and symphony halls are also plentiful.

Life in the U.K.

In addition to the wealth of possible weekend and vacation ideas, the United Kingdom offers residents a chance to live comfortably. The economy is the fifth largest in the world. The United Kingdom also ranks 14th in the world on the Human Development Index, a measure based off of life expectancy, per capita income, and education. The healthcare in the United Kingdom is very attractive for both franchisees and senior citizens. The National Health Service provides free healthcare to anyone residing in the U.K., although private healthcare is also available.

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The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Starting a home care franchise in the United Kingdom may be the opportunity of a lifetime for the right franchisee candidate. Although health care is provided as a basic human right in the U.K., home care services provide complementary care that can raise the quality of life for seniors in the area. The growing need for such services and the fulfillment that comes from helping to improve the conditions for aging residents in the area make starting a home care franchise in the area a unique and lucrative prospect.