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Home Care Franchise in Alabama

The population in the United States is aging, as with the rest of the world. Every day, 10,000 baby boomers turn 65. How to care for them best is a rising concern for family members.

But nursing homes can cost as much as $5,000 a month. And many times, the elderly would prefer to stay home and just have a bit of assistance carrying out their day-to-day tasks, like shopping, housekeeping, and bathing. They’d rather not leave their beloved homes and their familiar surroundings, unless they absolutely have to.

ComForCare is in a perfect position to help such seniors. If you’re interested in assisting Alabama’s growing senior population stay home, consider becoming a ComForCare franchisee.

Why ComForCare?

There are many in-home care franchises in the United States. Why choose ComForCare? It’s because we’re one of the leading home care franchises in North America, operating over 200 territories. We’ve been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Inc. and Fortune.

An independent validation research institute has surveyed more than three-quarters of ComForCare franchisees if you want more information.

Population Projection in Alabama

Over the next 25 years, Alabama’s senior citizen population will grow by more than 80%. Alabama’s census reported 657,792 people over 65 years of age in 2010. By 2040, that number is projected to grow to 1.2 million. 21.5% of Alabama’s population will be comprised of senior citizens by that time.

This trend is in line with the rest of the United States. Funding long-term care will become a more pressing issue. While the Alabama Medicaid Agency is required to pay for nursing home care to seniors who qualify, in-home health isn’t part of the entitlement.

Authorities are trying to change this for the cost and practicality purposes. When this happens, as a ComForCare franchisee in Alabama, you’ll be in a great position to serve senior citizens at a cost they can afford. In-home care services that help seniors stay in their homes can potentially slash more than 80% of nursing home costs.

Our Ideal Candidates

Operating an in-home care franchise isn’t for everyone, but our franchisees do come from all backgrounds. Our ideal candidates possess:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Self-motivation
  • Solid relationship-building skills
  • Strong management and people skills
  • Willingness to follow a proven system
  • An entrepreneurial spirit

Most importantly, as a franchisee, your desire to serve senior citizens and provide high quality care is paramount to your success.

How ComForCare Supports Franchisees

ComForCare provides ongoing support for franchisees, through newsletters, meetings, field operations and evaluations, purchasing cooperatives, lease negotiation, toll-free phone line, security and safety procedures, and more. We also provide marketing support.

If you want to learn more about helping senior citizens stay in their homes with qualified caregivers, contact us today.