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Home Care Franchise in Delaware

Delaware isn’t the first place retirees think of. America’s elderly has traditionally favored states like Florida and the southwest. The main factor is the weather. But retirees are starting to consider lower costs.

Delaware has a lower cost of living than its other rival Northeastern states. It is home to Sussex County beaches. Coupled with its proximity to large cities, Delaware is recognized as a hidden gem. But it might not stay hidden long, given the trend of aging population in the United States who are looking for more affordable places to retire.

With tax-exempt Social Security benefits, low income tax rates, and short driving distances to Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and New York City, it won’t be long until Delaware is put on the map as the new red-hot retiree destination.

You’ll be in a good position as a ComForCare franchisee to take advantage of the new opportunities incoming retirees to the state provide.

Population Projection in Delaware

Besides the potential retirees from out-of-state, Delaware has its own aging population. It currently isn’t one of the fastest aging states, ranking at fourteenth as of 2010. But by 2030, the senior population is expected to comprise 23% of the state population. Right now it’s about 14% of the total population. These projections indicate the proportion of the state’s senior to overall population will be larger than national numbers.

Why ComForCare?

Why should you join ComForCare when there are many other home care franchises currently operating in the United States? That’s because ComForCare is one of the leaders in this industry, with over 200 territories in North America.

ComForCare has been selected as one of the best franchises to own in the last 8 years. We’ve also been featured in USA Today, Fortune, Inc., Forbes, and Entrepreneur.

ComForCare will provide all the ongoing support and training you need to succeed. This can be anything from highly effective marketing support, newsletters, toll-free phone line, meetings, security and safety procedures, purchasing cooperatives, lease negotiation, field operations and evaluations, and much more.

ComForCare also has significant franchise owner benefits, from high revenue potential, higher margins for you, reasonable investment requirement, ongoing specialized caregiver training, and many others.

ComForCare Franchisee Characteristics

ComForCare franchisees have diverse backgrounds, but have some things in common. They have a good track record of businesses, a genuine desire to serve the aging population receive high quality care, and like new challenges.

ComForCare is looking for a potential franchisee that is highly motivated, have good people and management skills, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this highly lucrative opportunity in Delaware as well as assisting your senior community receive quality home care, don’t hesitate to contact us today.