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Home Care Franchise in Indiana

In 2011, the first of the baby boomer generation reached the traditional retirement age of 65. For the next few years, approximately 10,000 baby boomers are expected to turn 65.

This is the biggest cohort of aging population ever existed in history. As such, traditional eldercare services need to be evaluated again. Nursing home care costs are soaring, more than what each state’s Medicaid agency can handle.

In many states, in-home care is not part of the Medicaid entitlement. They’re working to change this policy. If you’re a ComForCare franchisee in Indiana when this happens, you’ll be in a good position to serve senior population of Indiana stay in their homes and communities.

Why Choose ComForCare

Home care industry is booming. Many agencies are offering franchise opportunities. So what makes ComForCare different?

ComForCare has been featured in numerous publications and also voted as one of the top 25 franchises to own in the past 8 years. An independent survey of all ComForCare franchisees shows high satisfaction level.

As a franchisee, you’ll be exposed to unparalleled training and ongoing support, including marketing, rigorous training of caregivers, nurse directed care process, and more. There’re also high revenue potential and large, exclusive territories to choose from.

ComForCare has a reasonable investment requirement and also offers information on financing.

Population Projection in Indiana

Between 2010 and 2050, the overall population in Indiana is expected to increase 15%, from 6.48 million to 7.48 million residents. The aging baby boom generation will surge from 13% of the overall population in 2010 to 20% in 2020, before leveling off.

This represents the need for changes in the state’s economic and public policy. Demand for home care services will grow as more senior population opts to stay home rather than go into nursing homes.

Nursing homes or assisted living facilities can cost 180% more than what in-home care costs. Many seniors who are relatively healthy and not managing a serious condition just need assistance getting their day-to-day tasks done. As Indiana deals with its aging population and declining growth, in-home care services will only become more valuable.

How to Become a ComForCare Franchisee

While ComForCare franchisees come from a variety of backgrounds, it takes a special kind to own a franchise that deals with serving aging population. If you’re genuinely compassionate about helping Indiana’s elderly stay at their own homes and enjoy the familiar surroundings as long as possible, consider being a franchisee.

You’d ideally have a good track record of businesses, high motivation, solid interpersonal and management skills, an entrepreneurial spirit, among other qualities. This is mainly a relationship business, so the ability to build a strong relationship is a must.

If you’re interested in becoming a ComForCare franchisee in Indiana, contact us today.