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Home Care Franchise in Nevada

More seniors and their families are seeking in-home care than ever before. Non-medical home care allows seniors to stay in their own homes, where they’re familiar with their surroundings.

ComForCare caregivers rise to this challenge by providing home care that includes anything from light housekeeping, medication reminders, disability support, to around-the-clock care.

Now you can be a part of this valuable service industry, by becoming a ComForCare franchisee.

Who Should Be a ComForCare Franchisee in Nevada?

Having this franchise is right for you if you have compassion for our nation’s aging population and you want to contribute more to your community. You have empathy for people worrying about their loved ones. Ideally, you’re a savvy business professional with a good track record.

Population and Growth in Nevada

Nevada has one of the fast-growing elderly populations in the United States. Over the past decade, Nevada’s senior population grew approximately 53%. As of 2011, people over 65 years old made up 12.5% of the state’s population, poised to grow more in the coming years.

How ComForCare Supports Franchisees

ComForCare provides ongoing support for all of our franchisees. You’ll be armed with marketing strategies and tools to make your business a success. We also provide information for financing.

When you join a ComForCare franchise, you’ll stand amongst a team of professionals dedicated to your success. After the initial training, we provide ongoing support through newsletters, webinars, meetings, phone, and more. We also provide marketing support.

If you want to become a ComForCare franchisee and make a difference, contact us today.