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Home Care Franchise in New Hampshire

Why You Should Buy a CFC Franchise in New Hampshire

Located in the center of New England, New Hampshire offers residents a great opportunity for a ComForCare franchise setting. Characterized by mountains and natural bodies of water, the state boasts abundant natural beauty and is nicknamed “The Granite State.” The state also offers residents many recreational attractions, activities, and events. ComForCare franchisees may find that New Hampshire is a great place to live as well as begin a business.

New Hampshire Lifestyle

With the motto “Live Free or Die” stamped on every license plate to serve as a reminder of the carefree attitudes of residents, the New Hampshire lifestyle is just a little different than that which can be found in other states. New Hampshire is a haven for motorcycle enthusiasts, as the New Hampshire Motor Speedway and Motorcycle Week attract visitors from across the country and the state has the second-highest percentage of motorcycle owners.

As a testament to a more carefree attitude, residents enjoy not having to pay state sales tax on goods and not having to pay state tax on income, reducing the cost of living in the state. State laws regarding safety and personal decisions like wearing seat belts or motorcycle helmets are also laxer than in most other states.

Scenery and Surroundings

With several mountain ranges running through the state, New Hampshire residents have stunning views that vary throughout the year. In the spring and summer, residents can enjoy views of flowers and incredibly green fields. The winter offers picture-worthy snows, ice, and skiing opportunities, while the autumn boasts some of the most breathtaking foliage ion the country. New Hampshire also enjoys just a bit of coast that allows residents to visit the beach without having to travel far.

Attractions and Outings

The natural scenery that New Hampshire enjoys offers franchisees and ComForCare clients plenty of daily outing opportunities, with state parks, lakes, and rivers easily accessible throughout the state. The state also holds many festivals and events to delight residents. Concerts, dinner cruises, carnivals, and celebrations are just a few types of events that are held regularly throughout the state. Franchisees may enjoy participating in these events and may offer clients transportation and companionship during these events through the location.

Sense of Community

Most of New Hampshire is made up of smaller towns that skirt larger cities, though even the cities generally offer a small-town feel. The sense of community is strong within these towns, so residents enjoy a neighborhood feel that is relatively rare. New Hampshire may be the perfect opportunity for a ComForCare franchisee that enjoys a slower-paced lifestyle and the ability to connect to clients and local residents and better the quality of life in the area.

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