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Franchise in Rhode Island

Why You Should Buy a CFC Franchise in Rhode Island

Rhode Island, The Ocean State, is the smallest state in the country. Rhode Island covers just a little over 1,000 miles of land area, but has several large bays and is mostly bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. Rhode Island may be a wonderful place for a ComForCare franchisee to begin a business that improves the quality of life for Rhode Island seniors. Rhode Island may also be a beautiful place to live and relax for the right franchisee.

Scenery and Natural Beauty

Unlike most of the other New England states, Rhode Island is mainly flat with no real mountains. The prevalence of beaches make Rhode Island the perfect place for beach lovers that enjoy changing seasons and varying weather throughout the year. Rhode Island enjoys impressive foliage that attracts many visitors and new residents to the area.

Foliage viewing, or “leaf peeping” makes for a great day outing during the autumn months. A ComForCare franchisee may delight clients by offering specific scenic outings at different times of year. Fishing and boating also make wonderful outing opportunities for both clients and franchisees.

Population Density and Growth

Rhode Island has the second highest population density in the country, second only to New Jersey. This offers ComForCare franchisees remarkable potential growth opportunities for a new franchise, in spite of the state’s small size. Since the land area is small, franchisees can also offer residents home care service throughout the state without overburdening caregivers. About 14.5 percent of Rhode Island’s population is 65 years of age or older, offering franchisees a large potential client base.

Health and Wellness

Health services are the largest industry in Rhode Island, making the state ideal for older residents that need close and superior health services. The success of health services in the area is advantageous for ComForCare franchisees, as franchisees can work with the many local medical facilities to find referrals and to ensure the greatest possible wellness for clients due to the close accessibility of facilities. Both clients and franchisees can benefit from Rhode Island’s high quality wellness programs and offerings.

Quality of Life

ComForCare franchisees or franchisee candidates may find Rhode Island living to be comfortable and enjoyable. Rhode Island is a small state that is immensely proud of its offerings, surroundings, and residents. Rhode Island offers residents a close-knit community feel with a coastal lifestyle that may be attractive for the right person.

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