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Why You Should Buy a ComForCare Franchise in Vermont

One of the six states of New England, Vermont boasts a beautiful environment and an overall pleasant lifestyle. As a superior bragging right, it has consistently ranked one of the healthiest and happiest states in the nation, ranking the 12th happiest state in 2011. In 2013, Vermont’s senior population was 2 percent higher than the national average, providing ample opportunities for those who wish to grow their ComForCare business. With a combination of superior wellbeing and breathtaking scenery, Vermont is a prime location for an in-home senior care franchise with ComForCare.

Health and Wellness

Year after year, Vermonters perform quite well in national measurements of overall health and wellbeing. In 2011, residents were ranked the healthiest in America and the sixth most fit and leanest in the country with more than half of the population meeting the physical activity requirements set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In the same year, 91 percent of the population graduated high school, as compared to the national graduation average of 85 percent. In 2007, volunteerism ranked it eighth in the nation with 37 percent of the population, illustrating the state’s strong community bonds.

Population and Growth

With forests covering about 75 percent of the state’s total land area, Vermont has one of the smallest populations in the United States. In fact, Vermont’s capital Montpelier is the least populated state capital in the United States. Any Vermonter will tell you that towns are close-knit and friendly, and a large aspect of daily life is focused around the beauty of the landscape. This means that a home care franchise presents opportunities for customer loyalty and strong relationships, while providing franchise owners with scenic beauty to enjoy during the year.

Daily Life and Recreation

Vermont is known for its festivals and community gatherings. As the United States’ largest maple syrup producer, the state boasts the annual Vermont Maple Festival. Other festivals include the Vermont Dairy Festival, the Apple Festival, and the Vermont Brewers Festival. At many of these and in other areas around the state, you can delight in the relaxing melodies of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra. No matter the whereabouts, residents and visitors can rest assured knowing that the state was ranked second in the country for safety in 2009.

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