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Next Steps

  • Do you think that the home care industry is right for you?
  • Is ComForCare the right partner for you?

The answers to these questions will be uncovered as you walk through our Awarding process with one of our professional Franchise Development Managers.

While ComForCare is a highly rewarding business and certainly the right choice for many, it isn’t right for everyone.

The following steps of the ComForCare Awarding process will help you understand the home care industry, the business model and the expectations of a franchise owner.

We promise to work with you to help you determine whether both your personal and your professional objectives can be met with a high degree of probability. During this straightforward process, let’s both agree to be honest and open with each other and if we can’t both see how this opportunity is mutually beneficial, then we will agree to discontinue the process at that time.

Here is all you need to do to:

1: Express Your Interest and Engage in the Awarding Process: The first step is to contact us here. Once we receive some basic information from you, one of our Franchise Development Managers will email you and call you to follow up and get you started.

2: Discover Stage: The first stage of our process is Discovery, which will consist of three webinars that will cover all of the following in order to allow us to get to know you more and to share with you information that will be important to your understanding of the opportunity.

  • Candidate Interview
  • Overview of the Business Model & Services
  • Online Qualification Form
  • Revenue Channels, Marketing, and Financial Metrics
  • Superior Care Process, Training and Ongoing Support
  • Franchise Disclosure Document

NOTE: At any point during the Discovery stage, you’ll be able to remove yourself from the process if you determine that this is not a fit for you.

3: Validation Stage: Once you have the foundational knowledge you need to more fully validate the ComForCare franchise opportunity, you will speak with an executive of ComForCare and have the opportunity to hear a bit more and to ask them any questions you have. If everything still looks positive for us at that time, then you will be invited to move forward into the Validation stage of the process which means that you will need to make a commitment to the following activities:

  • Attend a “Meet The Team Day” candidate meeting at the ComForCare Home office Michigan (This meeting is required for approval of the franchise)
  • Contact Existing Franchise Members
  • Complete an Online Assessment Survey

If invited, you will be asked to fill out a short financial form and authorization for release of information.

4: Approval: Within 48 hours of attending the “Meet The Team Day” event, you will know whether or not a franchise is going to be awarded and if an offer is accepted by you at that time, then we will start working on the final stage of the process which includes:

  • Franchise Agreement
  • Pre-Opening & Licensing Process
  • Classroom Training
  • Final Opening Checklist

The entire process takes only about 6-8 weeks to complete but the process can be adjusted to meet your needs at any time.

There is no obligation to you at any time during the process to do anything other than what is required to advance to the next step.

We invite you to start your journey of Discovery today!

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