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What it Takes

As a ComForCare senior care franchise owner, you should be prepared to invest your time and energy into building a successful business that:

  • Achieves Your Personal Wealth and Equity Goals
  • Supports the ComForCare Mission

People come to us from all over the world to get rid of the typical “9 to 5″ and to make a difference in people’s lives. We have truly honed in the best process for our home care franchisees and now are looking for qualified franchisees across the world.

Our Ideal Candidate

ComForCare is seeking qualified candidates from many different backgrounds to continue our home care franchise expansion. Our home care franchise owners possess various degrees of business experience, but our ideal candidates all have similar traits and characteristics, including:

  • Opportunistic Relationship Builders
  • Strong Communicators
  • Good Management and People Skills
  • Desire to Provide High Quality Care and Service to the Elderly and Others in Need
  • An Entrepreneurial Spirit and Self Motivation
  • Willingness to Follow a Proven System

Our Investment Requirements

To be approved for a ComForCare senior care franchise, you must be prepared to make a financial investment in your future. The total investment necessary to begin operation of a new ComForCare Home Care franchise is $76,650 -$175,000 which includes the $50,000 franchise fee that must be paid to ComForCare or an affiliate.

  • Minimum Net Worth – $400,000
  • Minimum Liquidity – $75,000
  • Strong Credit Rating

Click here for our Item 7 Investment Page. It breaks down your estimated, initial Home Care Franchise costs including the franchise fee.  A franchise development representative is available to you to answer any detailed questions related to franchise start-up costs.  Fill out the form to the right or call  888-806-9130 for immediate assistance.

You can also visit our main site at or visit our Franchise focused home page at 

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