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Am I the Right Fit for ComForCare Franchise?

Who makes an ideal ComForCare franchise owner?

Owning a ComForCare franchise is an appealing way to be of service to an at-risk population and create a business that is a true community asset. ComForCare wants franchise owners who are highly compassionate, and who also have the skills to build and develop a business that becomes an asset for them and their families.  It takes more than a passion for service, however, and that’s why ComForCare has invested heavily in the candidate process, where we evaluate potential franchise owners — and we make sure they have plenty of time to evaluate ComForCare.

“We do everything we can possibly do to make sure we’re getting the right candidate,” says Phil LeBlanc, Vice President of Franchise Development. “We start with getting to know a candidate and learning why they want to be in the home-care industry. That’s the big question.”

The awarding process is a series of steps:

— Discovery conversations educate the potential owner on the home-care industry and the ComForCare business model. These are no-pressure, awareness sessions that are meant to be informative. They allow the candidate and the ComForCare team to ask questions and gauge interest.

—   An executive interview with Phil LeBlanc digs deeper into ComForCare’s support systems and all other aspects of franchise operations, from employee recruitment and retention to royalty payments and revenue generation.

—   A validation period includes access to ComForCare franchise owners for one-on-one conversations, as well as a visit to the Michigan home office to meet the rest of the ComForCare corporate team and get immersed in the company culture. If everyone is in agreement, a franchise agreement can then move forward.

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“We’re looking for someone who has a business background and who wants to make a difference in the lives of others. We’re looking for someone who wants to serve passionately, because that is one of our core values. We’re looking for someone who looks at ComForCare as a whole, who wants to provide services to those who cannot take care of themselves, and also run a business and be profitable.”

—Rebecca Bouchard, Brand Integrator

The Ideal ComForCare Candidate

Successful ComForCare franchise owners have many traits in common. In addition to some business experience and strong people skills, they also are:

  • Team and relationship builders
  • Strong communicators
  • Solid managers
  • Self-motivated and entrepreneurial in outlook
  • Able and willing to follow a proven system

They also want to know that they are buying into the most comprehensive, well-run brand possible from every angle, not just the financial one.

“Most folks who are thinking about buying a franchise want to know about our systems, processes and business practices. They also want to know who we are — who are the people behind the brand,” LeBlanc explains. “They want to know if they are becoming part of something that matters. It’s not just about buying a business; it’s about becoming part of a community. I am always quick to explain how our values influence the way we think, act and feel as an organization, and how ComForCare stands for more than just a business, but for helping people to live the best life possible.”

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