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Answers to common questions about ComForCare franchise ownership

Below is a list of answers to common questions prospective franchise owners ask while they are researching franchise ownership with ComForCare.

How is ComForCare different from other in-home care providers?

ComForCare is about more than just folding laundry and providing medication reminders. Through proprietary, branded programs such as DementiaWise, ComForCare franchise owners and their caregivers become a part of their clients’ lives, providing support not just for that individual but also for his or her entire family. Through its 10-step hiring process and ongoing training and advancement opportunities, ComForCare also has created a model for stability and certainty around caregiver staffing, a huge issue in this growing service sector.

What are the primary responsibilities of a ComForCare franchise owner?

ComForCare franchise owners are the face and voice of the brand, and so are heavily involved in community networking activities, especially those that involve seniors and the business of senior home care. Franchise owners are responsible for building their office and caregiver teams in order to meet the day-to-day needs of their client and their families. Franchise owners also visit clients in their homes, making sure that all services are being provided to the client’s satisfaction.

How much does it cost to open a ComForCare franchise?

The total initial investment necessary to begin operating a new ComForCare franchise is between $81,300 and $185,300, which includes a $40,000 or $50,000 franchise fee (based on the number of potential clients in a territory) that pays for the rights to operate as part of the ComForCare brand. For more information on requirements and financing options, click here.

What type of franchise-owner candidate is ComForCare looking for?

ComForCare wants franchise owners who have a passion for helping others, particularly seniors and others who are vulnerable due to age or infirmity. At the same time, ComForCare seeks franchise owners who have a business background and are comfortable running an enterprise that has heavy scheduling and staffing components. For more information about what we’re looking for, click here.

What types of training does ComForCare provide?

ComForCare offers a comprehensive package of training that includes independent, self-study online modules, in-class sessions, engagement with current owners and shadowing when possible, and follow-up site visits to the new franchise before, during and after opening. For more information, click here.

What does ongoing support look like after I open a ComForCare franchise?

A ComForCare franchise owner has access to a corporate team with more than 200 years’ combined experience in home care and franchising. With one staffer for every four franchise owners, individual attention is a reality, not a goal. In addition, our home office will schedule regular visits to franchise locations, ensuring on-the-ground support.

How much are the franchise royalties and fees?

Recurring fees for a ComForCare franchise include
Royalty: 5% of gross sales with a minimum fee per two-week billing period
National Advertising: 2% of gross sales with a minimum fee per two-week billing period

How many employees will I need?

The number of employees will vary by territory size although every franchise owner starts out with 2.5 full-time employees. As your business grows, you may choose to employ an office manager so that they are able to spend more time in the field visiting clients and networking to create new business opportunities. The bulk of a ComForCare franchise’s staff is caregivers, who are vetted and hired using ComForCare’s 10-step hiring process, and then moved into the CareGiver First program so that they can advance their careers through training and certification opportunities.

How do I get a copy of ComForCare’s Franchise Disclosure Document?

Candidates will receive ComForCare’s FDD during the awarding process, after some initial conversations have taken place and some preliminary qualifying steps have been completed. The FDD outlines ComForCare’s business partnership with its franchise owners in great detail. To receive a copy, start a conversation with us by filling out the form below.

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