Training and Support: The ComForCare Advantage

ComForCare offers best-in-class training and support

ComForCare invests a lot of time and care to finding the right franchise owners, who then are equally attentive and focused on building the best team of caregivers possible. So, it only makes sense that training is a strong focus and underscores everything we do.

From the outset, our experienced training and compliance teams work with franchise owners to identify licensure and other requirements, putting all the “nuts and bolts” into place so that the business can be operational and generating revenue as quickly as possible.

“We start with pre-training around setting up the business and understanding our policies and procedures, then quickly move into looking at the local marketplace to understand how that ComForCare franchise owner can fit in,” says Branden Worback, Director of Operations. “Our training modules are designed not just to mirror the owners’ business cycle, but also to be underlined by our core values so that they can provide our clients with the best care possible.”

Franchise Owner Training

ComForCare franchise owners benefit from a multi-stage training process that includes self-study portions and hands-on workshops at ComForCare’s corporate headquarters. Our training has been created to engage with new franchise owners from the moment they come on board, and take them to, and through, opening and the busy days of building the initial client base.

ComForCare franchise owners in front of their branded cars

Phase One: Here new owners are working with ComForCare’s startup team to identify a location, complete licensing and other state and municipality-specific requirements and set up bank accounts and other office-oriented needs.

Phase Two: This online training covers ComForCare basics such as services and pricing, as well as the foundational aspects of caregiver recruitment and training, scheduling and initial outreach strategies to connect with potential community partners.

Phase Three: After wrapping up the first two training phases, new franchise owners then spend two weeks at ComForCare’s corporate offices. This period is a deeper dive into materials covered in the earlier training, as well as new and comprehensive information on sales and marketing, compliance, ComForCare programs such as DementiaWise and more.

ComForCare Caregiver with patient

Phase Four: A follow-up to Phase Three, this training occurs at the franchise location and brings together both the online and in-classroom training to date by finalizing office setup, launching caregiver recruitment, setting up the franchise website, finishing a competitive analysis for the marketplace and anything else needed to prepare for launch.

Phase Five: ComForCare believes that training shouldn’t stop on opening day, and so this phase is dedicated to following up on operations, sales and marketing to make sure that everything is operating as smoothly as possible. During the first year at there will be at least two field visits, more if needed. The entire corporate support team, including a dedicated business consultant, is accessible and responsive at any time.

Home care is a fast-moving, 24/7 business that changes every day. ComForCare knows that, and so our training for new owners is always evolving to incorporate the latest information. We track the trends and are always adding continuing education programs to our training and support platforms. This means ComForCare owners remain well-positioned to react and adapt positively to marketplace changes.

ComForCare franchise caregiver helping client with shopping

“We can teach our system, but we also want to treat each other, and our clients, like family,” Worback says. “We have a business relationship with our franchise owners, but we also get to know them. We understand what their business goals, their financial goals, are. We know that they are fielding calls 24/7, and so we have the systems and support available to them whenever they need it. We are all invested in each other, and that’s why ComForCare is growing the way that it is.”

“ComForCare has some of the most comprehensive training in the industry, not only in time but in content. The work we do requires not only initial training but also learning opportunities for growth throughout the life of the business. We do an exceptional job with initial training, regional meetings, workshops, webinars and other online and integrated training to ensure franchise owners are operating with the most current best practices and procedures.”

—   Sean Kajcienski, Chief Operating Officer, Best Life Brands

“We have the most comprehensive classroom and hands-on training in the industry. It’s full-scale training, it’s workshops and it’s self-study. New owners learn what it’s like to go out and make calls. They learn to use the assessment process and all the other tools. They learn the marketing. It’s the most extensive program imaginable, and it works extremely well.

—   Deborah Klemin, Franchise Development

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