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ComForCare is one of the nation’s leading home care franchise companies  operating over 190 territories throughout the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom. We built our success and excellent reputation by delivering high-quality care to families and their loved ones since 1996. ComForCare is focused on being:

  • A Quality Care Provider to our clients
  • A Strategic Care Partner in the community





Comforcare Home Care Franchise

At ComForCare, we have a very clear mission:

“To improve the quality of life and the level of independence for every client and family receiving our service.”

Time and again, ComForCare and our home care franchise owners are recognized for the high level of care we provide and we remain dedicated to establishing the new standard for innovative, quality non-medical and skilled home care as well as supplemental staffing solutions.

Our commitment to quality has helped us to become one of the fastest growing home care franchises in the United States.

Our winning formula in the in-home care franchise segment means that as a ComForCare senior care franchise owner, you too can provide the kind of high-quality care necessary to assist families in their goal to improve the quality of life and level of independence for their loved ones.

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The Industry

Let’s first take a look at the scope of the senior market in general and the clear opportunity that it provides senior care franchise owners. Some important factors to consider:

  • More than 10,000 people turn 65 every day.
  • Older adults often depend on others for assistance in the activities of daily living.
  • A growing number of these people are living with one or more chronic illnesses, including arthritis, diabetes or Alzheimer’s, to name a few.
  • There is an unmistakable and increasing desire among seniors to “age in place” in their own homes.
  • Patients are discharged from hospitals at a much quicker rate; the average length of a hospital stay has declined by five days since 1980.*
  • More than 49% of women over the age of 75 live alone with no spouse or loved one to assist with the daily activities many of us take for granted.*

All of these factors, and others, greatly increase the need for in-home care franchises and more importantly, high-quality care.

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