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Home Care Franchise in Connecticut

Why You Should Buy a CFC Franchise in Connecticut

Located in Southern New England, Connecticut is a lesser known state that could offer the opportunity of a lifetime for an aspiring ComForCare franchisee or franchisee candidate. Connecticut enjoys a higher standard of living than most other states, has a more moderate climate than that of its neighbors to the north, and enjoys a wealth of natural beauty. Since Connecticut was one of the original colonies of the United States, there are also many historic sites to delight history lovers or inspire unique day trips.

Small and Densely Populated

Connecticut is the third smallest state in the nation, with an area of just over 5,500 square miles, but it is the fourth most densely populated. The small size and dense population are ideal for home care franchises, as franchisees can offer service to most of the state without stretching resources or creating long commutes for caregivers. The dense population also offers home care franchisees the opportunity to better care for a larger client base, as caregivers are able to more easily reach a greater number of clients daily.

Economically Prosperous

As of the 2010 census, Connecticut enjoyed the highest per capita income and was one of the wealthiest states in the country by most economic measures. Connecticut is an important center for the finance industry for the country and many celebrities help to boost the economy in the area by purchasing homes and residing in Connecticut. Due to the prosperous climate of the economy in Connecticut, residents may be better equipped to afford home care services and enjoy the extra assistance.

Connecticut Is a Haven for History Lovers

Connecticut is historically important, as it was one of the original colonies and was instrumental in the development and prosperity of many industries, from manufacturing and textiles to arts and entertainment. Many of the homes and buildings in Connecticut were built in the 1600s and 1700s, so there are gems to be found in nearly every town in the state. There is also a rich history of Native American tribes in the area.

Franchisees that are history lovers can visit some of the homes that have been preserved or restored to their original conditions or can peruse the museums and sites. These types of day trips are also perfect for interested clients, adding a broad spectrum of activities that caregivers can offer clients.

Some of the major historical sites that can be found in Connecticut include:

  • The Mark Twain House
  • The Mashantucket Pequot Museum
  • The Henry Whitfield State Museum
  • Mystic Seaport
  • The Bee and Thistle Inn

Naturally Beautiful

Connecticut is naturally beautiful, boasting rolling fields and mountains in the Northwest region, beaches and maritime activities in the coastal South, and many lakes, streams, and rivers. These characteristics make Connecticut a great place to begin a home care franchise with ComForCare, but they also make Connecticut a great place to live and play. Franchisees can enjoy all that the area has to offer, while providing a higher quality of living for area seniors.

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