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Home Care Franchise in Maryland

Not every retiree requires warm weather in his/her ideal destination. Many seniors enjoy skiing or other winter sports. Seniors who like to stay active throughout the year will find no better place than Maryland.

Maryland has long been named “America in Miniature.” It boasts varied landscape, making the state ideal for retirees seeking for a four-season weather. They can ski, hike, and sail all within the same state.

Because Maryland is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, people who’ve always dreamed of retiring near water can fulfill their wish here. Although the cost of living is higher than the national average, there are pockets of affordable towns like Berlin, Annapolis, and Easton. These towns are relatively small and low-key.

As the number of seniors increase in Maryland, so will the demand for in home care services. By becoming a ComForCare franchisee, you’ll have a good opportunity to meet the growing demands for seniors who want to stay in their own homes.

Population Projection in Maryland

Like the rest of the United States, the elderly population in Maryland is also increasing. In 2014, the population for people over 65 years of age made up 13.8% of the state’s total population.

While that number is slightly below the national average of 14.5%, the elderly population in the state is expected to double to 1.2 million by 2030. With 7 million projected total population, that’s almost 1 out every 5 people who’ll be 65 years of age or older.

This means there will certainly be higher demand for healthcare services. Many seniors who are relatively healthy and mobile will turn to in home health in favor of nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

Why Join ComForCare?

There are scores of home care franchises currently operating in the United States. What makes ComForCare stand out?

ComForCare currently operates over 200 territories in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom. For the last eight years, the Franchise Research Institute that measures franchisee satisfaction has voted ComForCare as one of the top 25 world-class franchises. Top business magazines like Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune, Inc. and USA Today have also featured ComForCare.

ComForCare is based on a proven system with high revenue potential. We provide large and exclusive territories, ongoing support for training and marketing, as well as a rigorous caregiver screening process.
Although many ComForCare franchisees are from all walks of life, most of them share some common characteristics, including solid communication skills, leadership and management skills, self-motivatin, an entrepreneurial spirit, strong passion for helping the elderly, and willingness to follow a proven system.

If you think you possess all these traits and are interested in becoming a ComForCare franchisee in Maryland, contact us today.